Engineered Solutions That Save Money
Environmentally friendly energy saving products offered by Electricity Savers Plus include:

- Electricity Savers Plus (ESP).  The ESP system cleans the dirty electricity found in most businesses and homes electric current.  This dirty energy can damage and shorten the life of motors and appliances as well as utilize more electricity that what they should.  Through the utilization of the ESP system, most businesses receive a 19% reduction in usage (kWh).  This reduction helps them save on their electric bill to the average tune of 56% ROI with an under 16 month break even on investment.  Other side effects include longer lasting motors, lights, and lower maintenance costs.

- Dyson Airblades provide a clean low cost alternative solution to restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, ​​​universities, government buildings, airports, etc...  $700 of paper towel usage per year at a point of use can be reduced to about $18 a year of electric usage with lower maintenance cost as well.  The newer model Airblades, the V and Tap, offer a sleek, easy, and healthy way to dry hands.

- Utility Rates are an easy way to save money.  You can look into the multiple companies that supply your electric rate or you can allow Electricity Savers Plus to shop the best companies for you.  Our residential rate service is fast and easy.  You can find your rate through our website and switch it in minutes; many times fixed at a low rate for a year and without early termination most of the competitors lock you into.

- Synergistic Savings is the utilization of two or more systems to combine to multiply and maximize your savings.  Many times the ROI annually may calculate to be at or over 100% annually with break even on investment being under 12 months.  It is well worth looking into all the products offered by Electricity Savers Plus and calculating which products could be a part of your sustainability requirements.

- Security Systems technology has evolved beyond just security.  Electricity Savers Plus offers security, fire, and medical systems.  Part of our leading technology systems include home and business management systems that can provide both convenience, ​​​piece of mind, as well as energy savings.

We offer leases options for most of our products that allow you to purchase the product over time for $1 after the lease is over. 

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Welcome to the new Electricity Savers Plus website!  Electricity Savers Plus started as Home Buyers Security, Inc.  We operate with the idea that energy saving and efficient products and services can be provided to businesses and individuals that help them save money fast and provide them with a high return on investment. 

We don't recommend products with over a 3 year break even on investment.  Most of our products have a calculated break even on investment of under 2 years.​​